The EPS Group are an organisation that believes in operating in a seamless and efficient manner to enable us to compete on an international stage. To compete on this basis, we have invested significantly to ensure that our processes, procedures and standards meet or exceed necessary benchmarks of best practice, codes and formal standards.

Our products and services make the most of the earth’s most valuable resource – water. To that end, we see that we have an important, albeit hidden, role in supporting the communities we serve. Be it providing off-sewer sanitation to small communities, or the design and build of multi-million pound wastewater treatment facilities serving large towns and cities – we focus our efforts on benefitting the bill-paying customer and the environment.

We are supported by a fantastic group of specialist suppliers and partners that have, in the main, worked with EPS for a considerable number of years, resulting in relationships that are mature, meaningful and transparent. For us, relationships must be meaningful and mutually respectful and that is why EPS develop long term, intuitive relationships that reward hard work, nurture innovation and provide a platform for constructive feedback and improvement.

M&C Engineering has over the years actively displayed and applied the same commitment to quality, corporate philosophy and integrity as the EPS Group. This has led to the development of a strong and lasting relationship as a key local partner for the EPS Group in the Greater Anglian Region.

James, Richard and their staff have been instrumental in many of our key project in the region and have always provided an intelligent, proactive and helpful approach when working with EPS.

Tom Fitzgerald
EPS Water Group Engineering Manager